Journal of Leo

A journal tha may not be filled out do to laziness of the feline

For those of you paying attention to my twitter and were wondering what the hell was going on yesterday here is what happened. So Yesterday, was a bad day, I went to lunch and decided I wanted a sobe to drinks rather than a soda, so before going to subway I stopped at a gas station. Car still running and cell phone still in the car I got out to stretch a minute before shutting off the car and grabbing my phone. Well before I could do that, the wind blew my door shut and I was locked out of my car. I go inside the gas station buy my sobe and ask the clerk if I could use their phone. He told me no and said the closest pay phone was about a mile away. So I run down there, the phone is out of service, so I run back and thank god my hadn’t been jacked. I go inside and ask the clerk if he could please help me, this time he did, but he called one of his friends, because “he didn’t have a phone book”, his friend charged me $140 to get me into my car. Which pissed me off to all ends because normal charge for that is like $30-$60 pending on who you have do it. So I burn over to subway. Oh yeah, that Sobe was on the roof of my car so it was toast, anyways I get to subway and order my sandwich, then have to argue with the clerk on taking the only money I had, because they didn’t take 100’s when it was more along the lines she didn’t want to make change. So I finally get my sandwich and new drink, I drive back to work where on a soft turn my 44oz. sweet tea falls out of my cup holder and into my lap. I get back to the Range and clock in, where the other range officer proceeds to bail on me when we are completely packed at the range. So needless to say yesterday sucked.


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