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Mah AC Schedule

Tentative Anthrocon Schedule

TENTATIVE schedule meaning all these events are possible to change! These are not 100% concrete! Free time is likely to be used for eating or hanging with friends! If you wanna hang out anytime make sure to let me know! It's best to let me know slightly in advance. When I say we I'm referring to my mate and myself. If you'd like a way to get a hold of me at the con, send me a note, and I can give you my cell#.

Wednesday – Leave from TX by car at 6am to head to Anthrocon.

Thursday – Continue to AC by car and arrive at the Westin sometime in the Afternoon. Get situated in the hotel room. Then Register when it opens. Get in suit for the Pre-Con Social Mixer and head to the Pre-Con dance when the time comes. Meet up and hang out with friends amongst all that.

Friday – Free in the morning until Opening Ceremonies. Afterwards wander around for a bit, possibly peak in the dealer’s den until Fursuit Dance 101! Then scurry over to Presenting Furry Fandom to the Public, but that’s up in the air. And of COURSE gotta head to the Fursuit Meet and Greet! 2 hours of free time before Fursuit Games: Recess. Have to skip out on the last half-hour for Uncle-Kage’s Story Hour. Once that’s done we’re probably hang in the headless lounge for the half-hour until the Fursuit-Friendly Dance, and as soon as that’s done, IF we’ve got enough energy, we’ll head over to the Ballroom for the remainder of the Rave!

Saturday – Free in the morning until the Fursuit Games: Solo Competition, then break for an hour until the Fursuit Parade Lineup, then of course parading around the con with all the other suiters! Free for an hour until I attend the African Animals Roundtable with my mate. After that free for two hours until we attend the Masquerade, to watch that is, we aren’t performing this year. Half an hour after that, we’ll be attending 2’s Rant. And immediately after THAT we’ll head to the Fursuit Friendly Dance and the Rave.

Sunday – Small amount of free time in the morning until Basic Fursuit Construction 101. Right after that we’re headed to Concession: Love and death in the Movie Theater. Then free for two and a half hours until Gathering of the Foxes. Not sure whether I’m gonna play in the Fursuit Games: Team Competition before that. After the Foxy Gathering we’re going to watch the Fursuit Competition Finals. Finally, of course, we will be attending the Closing Ceremonies.

Monday – Check out of the Hotel appropriately and head out when we feel like it!

Any Questions?

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you should update your journal *hug*

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