Journal of Leo

A journal tha may not be filled out do to laziness of the feline

For those of you paying attention to my twitter and were wondering what the hell was going on yesterday here is what happened. So Yesterday, was a bad day, I went to lunch and decided I wanted a sobe to drinks rather than a soda, so before going to subway I stopped at a gas station. Car still running and cell phone still in the car I got out to stretch a minute before shutting off the car and grabbing my phone. Well before I could do that, the wind blew my door shut and I was locked out of my car. I go inside the gas station buy my sobe and ask the clerk if I could use their phone. He told me no and said the closest pay phone was about a mile away. So I run down there, the phone is out of service, so I run back and thank god my hadn’t been jacked. I go inside and ask the clerk if he could please help me, this time he did, but he called one of his friends, because “he didn’t have a phone book”, his friend charged me $140 to get me into my car. Which pissed me off to all ends because normal charge for that is like $30-$60 pending on who you have do it. So I burn over to subway. Oh yeah, that Sobe was on the roof of my car so it was toast, anyways I get to subway and order my sandwich, then have to argue with the clerk on taking the only money I had, because they didn’t take 100’s when it was more along the lines she didn’t want to make change. So I finally get my sandwich and new drink, I drive back to work where on a soft turn my 44oz. sweet tea falls out of my cup holder and into my lap. I get back to the Range and clock in, where the other range officer proceeds to bail on me when we are completely packed at the range. So needless to say yesterday sucked.

Writer's Block: Walkin' the line
Do you prefer being the good cop or the bad cop?

bit of both

Not Tom Clancy?.... Cool! ^^

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

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from the first chapter of my recently finished manuscript

So I cried yesterday
So, it seems kurisu-kitsune is good at making me cry. We woke up yesterday morning and snuggled for a bit. He told me I needed to get ready and that we were going somewhere, so I did as I was told and got ready. When we went to get into his car he gave me a red bag, which had in it a box of chocolates, a box of , Ferrero Rocher, my favourite chalk candys, and a card. The card was so sweet and thoughtful it made me cry.

Next we left and while we were driving he told me I had to put on a blind fold, so I did and half way napped during the drive. I felt us go across two rail road crossings or what I thought were rail road crossings. Then he parked the car and told me I could take off the blind fold. We were out in the middle of the fucking country.

“Where the fuck are we?” I asked.

“Look behind you.” He Giggled

Looking behind me, I saw the entrance to Canyon Oaks Spa, where he had reservations for us. We had lunch for two, which started off with tomato basil soup, followed by a chicken pizza where instead of sauce they use tomato’s, and then for dessert a baked apple. All were very delicious. After that we snuggled on a couch for a bit and waited for our misuses.

When it finally came time our misuses came and got us and led us back to a private room where we got full body aroma therapy massages which where awesome and highly needed and facials which surprisingly enjoyable and so relaxing it put me to sleep.

They woke me up when it was done and Kurisu and myself had the room to ourselves for a while, where we snuggled for quite some time. Then we left. On the way home we stopped at Khols where we did a little shoping and then went home.

When we got home I made dinner and we watched a movie together while eating it. It was a great day! ^^

Mah AC Schedule

Tentative Anthrocon Schedule

TENTATIVE schedule meaning all these events are possible to change! These are not 100% concrete! Free time is likely to be used for eating or hanging with friends! If you wanna hang out anytime make sure to let me know! It's best to let me know slightly in advance. When I say we I'm referring to my mate and myself. If you'd like a way to get a hold of me at the con, send me a note, and I can give you my cell#.

Wednesday – Leave from TX by car at 6am to head to Anthrocon.

Thursday – Continue to AC by car and arrive at the Westin sometime in the Afternoon. Get situated in the hotel room. Then Register when it opens. Get in suit for the Pre-Con Social Mixer and head to the Pre-Con dance when the time comes. Meet up and hang out with friends amongst all that.

Friday – Free in the morning until Opening Ceremonies. Afterwards wander around for a bit, possibly peak in the dealer’s den until Fursuit Dance 101! Then scurry over to Presenting Furry Fandom to the Public, but that’s up in the air. And of COURSE gotta head to the Fursuit Meet and Greet! 2 hours of free time before Fursuit Games: Recess. Have to skip out on the last half-hour for Uncle-Kage’s Story Hour. Once that’s done we’re probably hang in the headless lounge for the half-hour until the Fursuit-Friendly Dance, and as soon as that’s done, IF we’ve got enough energy, we’ll head over to the Ballroom for the remainder of the Rave!

Saturday – Free in the morning until the Fursuit Games: Solo Competition, then break for an hour until the Fursuit Parade Lineup, then of course parading around the con with all the other suiters! Free for an hour until I attend the African Animals Roundtable with my mate. After that free for two hours until we attend the Masquerade, to watch that is, we aren’t performing this year. Half an hour after that, we’ll be attending 2’s Rant. And immediately after THAT we’ll head to the Fursuit Friendly Dance and the Rave.

Sunday – Small amount of free time in the morning until Basic Fursuit Construction 101. Right after that we’re headed to Concession: Love and death in the Movie Theater. Then free for two and a half hours until Gathering of the Foxes. Not sure whether I’m gonna play in the Fursuit Games: Team Competition before that. After the Foxy Gathering we’re going to watch the Fursuit Competition Finals. Finally, of course, we will be attending the Closing Ceremonies.

Monday – Check out of the Hotel appropriately and head out when we feel like it!

Any Questions?

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1. You can ONLY answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone comments you and asks— and, believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming. Nothing is exactly as it seems

Kissed any one of your LiveJournal friends? — no
Been arrested? — No
Kissed someone you didn't like? — no
Slept in until 5 PM? — yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? — yes
Held a snake? — Yes
Ran a red light? — yes
Been suspended from school? — yes
Experienced love at first sight? — YES!
Totaled your car in an accident? —yes
Been fired from a job? — no
Fired somebody? — No
Sung karaoke? — no
Pointed a gun at someone? — yes
Did something you told yourself you wouldn't? — Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? — No
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? — Yes
Kissed in the rain? — no
Had a close brush with death (your own)? — yes
Saw someone die? — yes
Played Spin-the-Bottle? — No
Smoked a cigar? — No
Sat on a rooftop? — yes
Smuggled something into another country? — No
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? — yes
Broken a bone? — no
Skipped school? — Yes
Eaten a bug? — yes
Sleepwalked? — no
Walked on a moonlit beach? — yes
Ridden a motorcycle? — yes
Dumped someone? — Yes
Forgotten your anniversary? — No
Lied to avoid a ticket? — yes
Ridden in a helicopter? — yes
Shaved your head? — yes
Blacked out from drinking? — No
Played a prank on someone? — Yes
Hit a home run? — No
Felt like killing someone? — Yes
Cross-dressed? —
... yes
Been falling-down drunk? — No
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? — Yes
Eaten snake? — Yes
Marched/Protested? — yes
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? — No
Puked on an amusement ride? — yes
Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? — yes
Knitted? — yes
Been on TV? — Yes
Shot a gun? — Yes
Skinny-dipped? — Yes
Given someone stitches? — yes
Eaten a whole habenero pepper? — No
Ridden a surfboard? — yes
Drunk straight from a liquor bottle? — No
Had surgery? — yes
Streaked? — No
Been taken by ambulance to a hospital? — No
Tripped on mushrooms? — No!
Passed out when NOT drinking? — Yes
Peed on a bush? — yes
Donated Blood? — No
Grabbed electric fence? — yes
Eaten alligator meat? - Yes om nom nom
Eaten cheesecake? — Yes
Killed an animal when not hunting? — Yes
Peed your pants in public? — No
Snuck into a movie without paying? - yes
Written graffiti? — No
Still love someone you shouldn't? — No
Think about the future? — Yes
Been in handcuffs? — Yes
Believe in love? — Yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? — Yes

scored about what I thought I would XD

How moral are you?

Morality is a complex subject. Everyone has a different idea about what it means. Many people believe in a God-given morality; that morality is a spiritual issues and standard; that it is absolute. Others believe in a relative morality, and believe it is designed to keep society stable and prevent us from hurting each other.

This test is designed to be a broad, encompassing look at morality. We include anything that a significant number of people believe is a moral issue.

Your ideological morality index is 7.2 / 10. This is determined by your ideological opposition to various things that are considered immoral. A higher number indicates a higher morality, or an increased opposition to immorality in your personal life. In other words, a higher number means you intend to be more moral in the future.
The average is currently 6.2 / 10, which leaves you 16% higher than the average.

Your practical morality index is 7.9 / 10. This is determined by your actions - what you have done, what you are doing. A higher number means that you have generally lived by a high standard of morality.
The average practical morality index is 6.2 / 10, which puts you at 27% higher than the average.

Broken down, your personal morality is 6.6 / 10 (medium high) - this is the morality that relates to your personal decisions. Your interpersonal morality is 8.5 / 10 (high) - this concerns your relationship to, and decisions that you make concerning, other people.
Get your morality analysis.

Wow this hit the nail on the head

Your Spiritual Number is Six

You bring communication and empathy into people's lives.

You are very open and understanding. You can accept difficult people.

Right now, your life is about being understood. You have trouble with your own vulnerability.

You end up playing the role of therapist in relationships, and it's hard to get people to ask about you.

You will take time out for those you love, even if you don't have much time. You can't help but be nurturing.

You are very responsible and ethical. You deliver on your promises.

(no subject)
Okay so Kuri and I went to a furmeet in Arlington today at allycats. I didn't know wha to expect or who to see there but we decided to go... I am so glad we did I had such a great time got to meet some other fursuiters and some artist.Kuri and I played some video games there togeather and I have some pics for Turbo and Rev the'll make you guys luagh. Also I was asked by Dax "can I draw a picture for you?" and given a peice of gift art today which was really nice and unexpected ^_^  I've never had anybody just ask me if they could draw my character before ^___^ Then I bowled.  Well I figured out I'm just as bad at bowling with my suit on as I am with it off so I think I'll ware it bowling from now on, that way I have an excuse for sucking so bad. Kuri and I were about to play a game when Pensives mate told me that Penn had something for me. ^___________^ She had a con badge that she had made for me just waiting to put my name on it I was blown away, also at just all the kindness and love among everyone today. thank you again Pen and Dax I really appreciate the art. ^__^ so ya in all today was F***ing awesome and I can't wait til we have anoter meet.. well I'm of to go browse FA some more and then head off to bed so laterz


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